Darnethia Morgan

Darnethia Morgan is a licensed and board certified behavior analvst and owner of ABA Effects with extensive educational, clinical, and professional development experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Mississippi University for Women (MUW). After earning her undergraduate degree, Darnethia pursued and earned her Master of Education degree in Education. She did not stop there and completed her certification courses in Applied Behavior Analysis through Florida Institute of Technology. It was during this time that she worked with children in Head Start Early Headstart, a local Autism treatment clinic, Hardwood School, Angel’s Program, sibling workshop at UT Boling Center for developmental disabilities, and local school distriets throughout Shelby, Fayette, and Marshall counties. Darnethia has been a strong advocate for children with disabilities and their families in this field for over 10 years helping to spearhead the I ever Autism Speaks Walk in Memphis, TN. Her determination and motivation stem from her own personal experience in parenting her son diagnosed with Autism and ADHD.
Her goal is to leave a legacy in working with children and their families that will far surpass her long after she is gone.